Monday, February 10, 2014

Everyday we have to overcome obstacles, big or small. The small is a part of life. 
Here is an example, 
Think of it as a trip you want to take down to a job interview, but as  you leave your house to walk to a bus stop, you trip and fall, you have a small cut on your hand. 
You quickly take a Kleenex and wipe up the blood, so as not to dirty your "interview" clothes.
You arrive at the bus stop, but noted that it is blocked by a truck, so you walk to the next bus stop.
On the bus, the tire blows, so you cut off , (maybe curse) and change buses.
You arrive at the interview and you get the job! 
All those little things may have made you not get to the interview, but those little obstacles, and your mind of will, courage and perhaps hunger in your belly, allowed you to overcome those small obstacles and achieve your goal. The human spirit lives on and is on auto pilot to ignore that pain in the you know where and allows us to move on. 

Share your story of overcoming, and allow our readers to put a smile over their faces to read your story and make their day.

Richard Crenian,